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At last! A book that rips the cover off relationship mysteries
and shows you EXACTLY what is going on,
and how to change it!

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Have you ever wondered why the same kinds of
problems keep coming up in your relationships?

Do you ever complain,
"Why are all men (or all women) so:

    • distant?
    • unwilling to commit?
    • clingy and codependent?
    • non-supportive?
    • easily hurt?
    • focused on money?
    • focused on sex?
    • moody?
    • angry?
    • hard to figure out?

If you are married, or in a long term committed relationship, have you ever noticed how the same "hot-button" issues keep causing fights and upset, even after you've been together for years?

Wes Hopper Do any of those problems sound familiar?

To Wes Hopper, an international speaker and trainer, they certainly were familiar and they seemed to be common among many people he met.

Fortunately, what he found is that the same principles that he uses to show people how to set and achieve goals, build businesses, increase sales and live prosperously contained the secret key to successful relationships!

No, this is not a rehash of all the old relationship advice - you know, be open, learn to communicate, different planets, etc. Most of that advice is very good, but none of it will help you if you don't understand where these repeating issues come from and how to deal with them!

You see, it's not true that "all men" or "all women" are a certain way, but it can be true that everyone YOU are attracted to is that way!

"But, wait a minute", you say. "That's not the kind of person I want! Why would I be attracted to them?"

That's a very good question!
And this book was written to answer it!

In this book, you'll find out:

    • what REALLY controls who we are attracted to
    • why the same issues show up over and over again
    • why being strongly attracted to someone quickly can be a danger sign
    • how to recognize when you're about to repeat the same old pattern
    • how to identify the core issues that keep coming up and heal them with your partner
    • how to fall in love consciously, instead of on autopilot (Yes, you can!!)

You won't find this information, presented so clearly and in easy-to-understand everyday language, anywhere else! You'll want a copy as soon as it's published!

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Let us know what your #1 question is about relationships and how to make them work, and we'll make sure that the top questions are answered in the book!

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